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Are there Happy Bipolar couples???
pmjd  606 views
Last post: 06-07-2014 20:59pm
6 Years with potential bipolar partner
BoatRace  767 views
Last post: 06-03-2014 01:42am
Rash Decisions
Calsco  196 views
Last post: 05-30-2014 18:33pm
Closest friend has cut me out - How do I deal with it?
Nat24  1673 views
Last post: 05-12-2014 23:36pm
how to handle a bipolar wife
priyarajendra  891 views
Last post: 05-12-2014 23:27pm
Trying to Rationalize the Irrational: Looking for Support
Lily983  487 views
Last post: 05-10-2014 09:30am
Is my husband bipolar?
Cherianne  487 views
Last post: 05-09-2014 16:41pm
Bipolar husband when angry does he really think these things?
avan77  1208 views
Last post: 05-04-2014 21:29pm
The love of my life is bipolar...
bklyngrl  482 views
Last post: 05-03-2014 23:13pm
bipolar girlfriend changing meds and general advise
zizi2289  520 views
Last post: 05-02-2014 04:20am
How do I cope with his depressions?
Julia_J  559 views
Last post: 04-30-2014 22:56pm
Love of my life is bipolar and unmedicated
kaiyasedai  3976 views
Last post: 04-30-2014 17:47pm
Bi-Polar Boyfriend left...again.
Pyrayd  627 views
Last post: 04-29-2014 04:43am
What exactly is a TRIGGER?
pmjd  447 views
Last post: 04-27-2014 20:02pm
Did I coddle my BP girlfriend to much?
pmjd  469 views
Last post: 04-27-2014 19:49pm
I believe boyfriend/ex has bipolar 2 disorder
hes25  453 views
Last post: 04-22-2014 16:20pm
a rocky 2 years and things seem to be getting worse...
dawnaliciar  426 views
Last post: 04-22-2014 14:09pm
bipolar boyfriend suddenly broke up with me
hes25  548 views
Last post: 04-17-2014 17:01pm
Leaving a bad relationship
hidingxplace  591 views
Last post: 04-16-2014 13:19pm
Out of the blue, she broke up with me after 5 years
chloe90  458 views
Last post: 04-07-2014 12:25pm
Why am I so weak when it comes to my bipolar "friend?"
Monkie1969  555 views
Last post: 04-02-2014 12:26pm
Bipolar GF not "Herself"
Silentmatt2  711 views
Last post: 04-02-2014 12:20pm
My bipolar bf broke up with me and won't talk to me
Nico1224  4648 views
Last post: 03-31-2014 17:04pm
Bipolars and commitment issues
Monkie1969  516 views
Last post: 03-31-2014 15:54pm
Is my husband an abuser or is it only his bipolar?
avan77  808 views
Last post: 03-30-2014 00:39am
The Self Destructive nature of a bi-polar woman
Vladd  1384 views
Last post: 03-28-2014 10:09am
coping, failing, hoping
solanin  467 views
Last post: 03-28-2014 08:50am
Coping with A Bipolar Spouse
guest48229  937 views
Last post: 03-26-2014 20:31pm
New here anything is helpful
cnfsdwc  1141 views
Last post: 03-26-2014 20:31pm
BP Boyfriend Left. What's the likelihood of him coming back?
maymaymay  668 views
Last post: 03-26-2014 20:30pm
Bipolar boyfriend broke my heart any advise?
Indigoears  2209 views
Last post: 03-26-2014 20:30pm
Ex-Boyfriend will not leave me alone... bipolar
guest58529  4307 views
Last post: 03-26-2014 20:26pm
Bipolar/Borderline Relationship
cerberus14  482 views
Last post: 03-26-2014 20:24pm
Bipolar/Narcissistic Partner
DL75  2616 views
Last post: 03-18-2014 20:27pm
my current girlfriend. We haven't been together long...
5645  481 views
Last post: 03-10-2014 17:07pm
5 yrs, not in love anymore, broke engagement and kicked me out
Brokentwice  1022 views
Last post: 03-06-2014 17:09pm
Is my ex bf Bipolar? Something else? URGENT!
Confusedexgf  1200 views
Last post: 03-05-2014 02:04am
I feel like the mom of my boyfriend
FMG1982  454 views
Last post: 03-04-2014 08:44am
child of a bi-polar parent
Quirk2  500 views
Last post: 02-19-2014 18:30pm
bipolar bf ignores me?
counting_stars  1153 views
Last post: 02-13-2014 15:56pm
Is it worth your Sacrifise.?
purebliss  724 views
Last post: 02-13-2014 15:49pm
One minute everything's fine...the next I have no idea
LilyRose24  527 views
Last post: 02-13-2014 15:23pm
Bipolar text messages. my ex's twin has been diagnosed
Fordy_c  662 views
Last post: 02-13-2014 03:46am
on and off gf finally told me she is bipolar and super mental
supernova8  735 views
Last post: 02-13-2014 03:45am
bipolar girlfriend left me again
Someguy11  2666 views
Last post: 02-05-2014 12:58pm
My on/off again girlfriend of about 4 years finally told me.....
supernova8  497 views
Last post: 01-29-2014 20:51pm
Bipolar Boyfriend Has Completely Pushed Me Away.Is It My Fault? No new posts
Moontears  8716 views
Last post: 01-27-2014 19:16pm
Bipolar Girlfriend - so hard to make it work
TryingPositi...  855 views
Last post: 01-24-2014 21:07pm
Girlfriend has a bi-polar disorder
KiritoRT  601 views
Last post: 01-24-2014 20:42pm
Fell in love with someone whose friend is running her life
s10sleeper  998 views
Last post: 01-23-2014 22:25pm
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