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Bile Reflux ?


I have a question about bile reflux. I am not sure if i have it or not. I know that i have LPRD (laryngopharyngeal reflux) and i am now working on treating it with good results.

The problem is when i had my esophagogastroduodenoscopy,after repeatedly vomiting nothing since my stomach was empty and i was in large discomfort so i vomited and cramped and vomited and cramped the worst feeling ever i started to vomit bile from my stomach. A green-ish/yellow-ish mucus which was coming from duodenum and went out of my mouth.

Does this mean that i have bile reflux,or is this a normal disorder because of my strong vomiting reflex and constant vomiting and cramping on empty stomach?

It didn''t start right away,but after many repeated vomits.

I never vomited bile before,and i never feel like i want to vomit after eating.

Please Advise

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replied April 6th, 2010
I forgot to add that i also had ''''Echo'''' of my stomach (i think that is how its called) and the results were all clear.

My liver was fine,and my biliary pathways weren''t extended/dialeted.

My lumen was also clear,without any pathogen contents.

I also had a H. Pylori test. The reference unit was <1.0 U/mL and my result was <0.4 U/mL (did the H.Pylori test about 6 months ago)
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