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azoospermic semen

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1.I have been married since last three years, but my wife is not able to conceive. She had undergone some of the tests and all are positive. I had to under go semen analysis the results are as under
volume: 2ml
colour: purely white
reaction : alkaline
viscosity: normal
liqiuification time: 30min
Microscopicsperm count : nil
active: nil
sluggish: nil
non motile: nil
normal forms: nil
abnormal forms: nil
Other findings:
pus cells: 5-7hpf
ephithelial cells: 3-5hpf
rbc: 1-2hpf
impression: azoospermic semen

microscopic chamber methord,morphology smear methord

my doc told me to under go FSH tests.
my FSH count is 59.4

i know that the FSH is very high, and its rather disturbing to hear that i willnever be able to have kids

is there any hope in future. or what my doc said is right

waiting reply

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replied June 6th, 2012
God Will
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