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Are frequent ultrasounds safe for baby?

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Are ultrasound scans safe? In all the years that ultrasound scans have been used, there has not been any evidence to suggest that a scan will harm your baby. but the long term effects of repeated ultrasound exposure on a fetus are not fully known. So how many ultrasounds is safe to receive during pregnancy?
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First Helper DmitriyBronfman1

replied April 18th, 2017
Ultrasound scans are used more frequently today than even just 10 years ago. It is quite normal for a mum to have five scans even if she has a completely normal, uncomplicated pregnancy. This is because scans are more accessible and affordable now and doctors use them to gather information more accurately on all points of your pregnancy, from the due date to the position and growth of your baby.
It is best to have as many scans as your doctor feels necessary for medical reasons.
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