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Anorexia to binge eating. Terrible cycle.

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I have been binging for the past 3 nights. I've eaten anything and everything, and isn't the first time either. This starving and depriving myself, to hour binges have been lasting for the past 9 months. I put back on all of the weight that I ever lost when battling anorexia. I've made up my mind tat I'm not eating tomorrow and knowing that I have gained at least 10 pounds in the past three days, I am probably going to stretch fasting out for the rest of the week. Please help. Any advice at all would be so much appreciated. I DON'T want this anymore. I jus want to see God's beauty in me. But satan is an a hole.
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replied February 3rd, 2012
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Hi jennanicole and welcome to ehealth: If you can't control this, then get some help...It is not easy...Try instead of binging to just take a small amount of what you are eating and be satisfied...Conquer each day, one at a time...Don't make a vow and be disappointed...Go it slow, but go it...Take care...

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replied August 3rd, 2012
Hey I know exactly how you're feeling. I had anorexia for about a year and a half but started recovering and actually felt really good about my body for a short while. But then I started eating chocolate and icecream and things like that again and soon I just couldn't stop: And the binge eating began. Now it's almost every night and I'm becoming more and more repulsed by my body. I've only just started a blog that will chart my journey and hopefully my recovery that I hope will be a place of support for others too. I wish you the best in your recovery and goodbye Smile
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