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he fly to saudi arabia and my menstruation its delayed!
shaniaangeles  704 views
Last post: 04-22-2012 08:01am
nothing not even spots of blood, Am I Pregnant?
Gabstar  513 views
Last post: 04-22-2012 03:25am
we use pull out. could mean i could be pregnant?
Momsurprises  267 views
Last post: 04-21-2012 22:18pm
Feeling Like Cramps & Nausea But It's Way To Early
cookiesxx  563 views
Last post: 04-21-2012 22:14pm
I had outer course (dry sex) while I was..
Nezzybaby  1733 views
Last post: 04-21-2012 21:43pm
excessive amount of Cervical Mucous
brittwils  910 views
Last post: 04-21-2012 21:23pm
Possibly pregnant but virgin!
Bubby15  677 views
Last post: 04-21-2012 19:45pm
Could I be pregnant? really tired, moody, and nauseous....
curiousabout...  1179 views
Last post: 04-21-2012 19:04pm
Im afraid I might be pregnant.
bambiface  605 views
Last post: 04-21-2012 19:02pm
feeling queezy, my boobs hurt, and i have been crampy...
mraffety  707 views
Last post: 04-21-2012 15:23pm
12 day of period, .but i am littile bleeding, pregnency?
jyothi1  564 views
Last post: 04-21-2012 11:13am
kaitbby24  404 views
Last post: 04-21-2012 08:26am
can u get pregant in ur tubes?
dsudduth84  373 views
Last post: 04-21-2012 06:52am
42, had tubal ligation missed 2 periods and have gained 30..
theresarukas  1954 views
Last post: 04-21-2012 02:04am
abnormal vaginal bleeding - Can I be pregnant
Nicole_0147  8116 views
Last post: 04-21-2012 00:35am
No Signs of My Period, Negative Test Results.
JNG055  4079 views
Last post: 04-20-2012 23:19pm
over a week late, white/clear discharge sometimes?
Thatonegirl22  3514 views
Last post: 04-20-2012 21:56pm
Period or vaginal bleeding. Am i pregnant?
Helpmeout3  749 views
Last post: 04-20-2012 20:12pm
My periods are irregular here lately...
Tiffany3434  1024 views
Last post: 04-20-2012 19:44pm
Spotting, birth control, and false pregnancy tests.
cindy1234  1194 views
Last post: 04-20-2012 18:47pm
Am I pregnant? Please help, I'm starting to freak out :/
Roycegirl  386 views
Last post: 04-20-2012 18:34pm
6 days late on my period, usually ontime.
kellbell123xxx  3011 views
Last post: 04-20-2012 18:20pm
spotting I cramp, I feel like I am going to throw up...
Tessa2  1164 views
Last post: 04-20-2012 17:23pm
lost of virginity and paranoid Is it possible?
shelia123  471 views
Last post: 04-20-2012 16:33pm
brown blood before period...?
lilmamaz  13158 views
Last post: 04-20-2012 14:47pm
is depo-provera affective if i'm getting my period?
laftercankil  1763 views
Last post: 04-20-2012 14:18pm
late period, might be pregnant,abnormal period color.
roxyowns  802 views
Last post: 04-20-2012 11:49am
I'm staying tired getting sick when I eat I'm just worried!
auburnfan101  521 views
Last post: 04-20-2012 11:47am
Sleepy all the time dissy , I tke a pg test and nothing
Nasty  655 views
Last post: 04-19-2012 22:25pm
I could sleep all day if I could. Could I be pregnant?
dshipp13  865 views
Last post: 04-19-2012 20:32pm
im six days late but i took a test anf it came out negative.
jraina2012  809 views
Last post: 04-19-2012 19:19pm
One week late and negative pregnancy test.
AmandaLiddie08  800 views
Last post: 04-19-2012 19:01pm
Pregnancy after a tubal ligation but honestly wouldn't mind
hszur1978  678 views
Last post: 04-19-2012 17:11pm
hopefulmommyof1  689 views
Last post: 04-19-2012 16:51pm
first i had the nausea, now my breast hurt.
datk  726 views
Last post: 04-19-2012 10:55am
feeling different......could i be pregnant?
Rottylover  586 views
Last post: 04-19-2012 07:25am
extreme amount of vaginal discharge. Could I be pregnant?!
ostrichesfly  1521 views
Last post: 04-18-2012 22:26pm
Had sex the day before IUD removal. Anxious to know!
Monique08  1166 views
Last post: 04-18-2012 20:54pm
so I am a virgin, but know a week late, what's going on!
Kat321  586 views
Last post: 04-18-2012 20:29pm
Am I Pregnants?
miaz222  243 views
Last post: 04-18-2012 18:07pm
brown discharge, late period, and yeast infection
Kblue2  3801 views
Last post: 04-18-2012 17:46pm
Pregnancy confusion negative but the doctor suggests to wait
faizahameed  1061 views
Last post: 04-18-2012 15:51pm
One week late and stomach cramps
Pretzel99  2881 views
Last post: 04-18-2012 15:49pm
Been trying to get pregnant for a year
Tessa2  330 views
Last post: 04-18-2012 14:05pm
had sex wake, up with slight my periods...
ASHLEYNYC  528 views
Last post: 04-18-2012 12:26pm
9 days late. heavy for 1 day, spotting for 2 more
hopefull20  690 views
Last post: 04-18-2012 11:19am
have 5 kids so i know the signs, pregnant after a tubal?
roro29  501 views
Last post: 04-18-2012 03:45am
Pregnant or just abnormal bleeding
lexii1114  373 views
Last post: 04-18-2012 01:50am
White thick discharge after plan B
scooter2  4936 views
Last post: 04-17-2012 23:52pm
is it possible i'm pregnant??pls help
curiousitykills  661 views
Last post: 04-17-2012 22:08pm
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