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red spots all over my feet and ankles, real red and puffy No new posts
DoctorQuestion  199 views
Last post: 03-21-2015 11:50am
Can I take allergy medication with atrial fibulation ?? No new posts
DoctorQuestion  196 views
Last post: 03-14-2015 11:06am
stopped the probiotics and boom, no more symptoms. No new posts
DoctorQuestion  207 views
Last post: 03-14-2015 01:16am
Cholinergic Urticaria No new posts
Duper  23252 views
Last post: 03-18-2014 09:09am
Allergies Q&A - credited to the AAAAI No new posts
lewis  9322 views
Last post: 04-23-2011 01:08am
Blistering rash on the neck, corner of mouth and right eye.
SnowOwl36  0 views
Last post: 04-01-2015 17:37pm
Hives from Diclofenac Sodium
ChandyCane  24 views
Last post: 04-01-2015 13:16pm
Solar Urticaria No new posts
Cindy3  62279 views
Last post: 03-31-2015 21:30pm
Allergic to fruits and raw vegetables
vaidyam  295 views
Last post: 03-25-2015 09:57am
Plastic Lids Make Lip Swell. No new posts
cowboymusicm...  12448 views
Last post: 03-18-2015 22:52pm
Sore throat with fever and chills
rb99000  165 views
Last post: 03-15-2015 01:39am
Blocked Nose After Swimming - Help No new posts
bebeleke  45269 views
Last post: 03-14-2015 11:07am
Sudden Mushroom Allergy? No new posts
drpepper0  118808 views
Last post: 03-12-2015 12:09pm
Got rid of allergy/sinus drugs & allergist
jam2013  175 views
Last post: 03-10-2015 21:37pm
allergy medicines not helping
marip  638 views
Last post: 03-10-2015 20:51pm
Alcohol makes me sick for weeks
Vinsssounet  6032 views
Last post: 03-09-2015 03:26am
Itching for weeks
rockey001  184 views
Last post: 02-25-2015 08:40am
Allergic to fruits and raw vegetables
vaidyam  194 views
Last post: 02-23-2015 13:04pm
Acne and allergies
ssccarrllett  211 views
Last post: 02-19-2015 01:03am
Solar Uticaria two minutes in the sun sets me off...
UniversityGrill  163 views
Last post: 02-16-2015 22:34pm
is it just allergies???
joe183288  143 views
Last post: 02-16-2015 21:29pm
One Small Sip Alcohol 10 Mins Later Cloudy Foggy Head for days
gregmg411  113 views
Last post: 02-07-2015 19:07pm
Has anyone used ClearNasal rinse for allergy relief?
Turbosikh  97 views
Last post: 02-06-2015 18:54pm
Allergies And Salivary Gland Swelling No new posts
SHANITA MILLS  34516 views
Last post: 02-05-2015 15:02pm
urticaria and sinus
cmaf  155 views
Last post: 01-30-2015 14:43pm
constant urge to take a deep breath or yawn
Animella  279 views
Last post: 01-20-2015 15:55pm
Eosinophlia and surgery.
bassaniobroke  136 views
Last post: 01-20-2015 12:18pm
exposed to sun, it seems pins areprickingg every inch
sahilsudan  140 views
Last post: 01-20-2015 08:48am
Ramipril reaction
cliveh7  6172 views
Last post: 01-14-2015 10:31am
Itchy skin over the warmer months
Asjer  145 views
Last post: 01-13-2015 15:23pm
Allergic to diarrhea
actionjack726  193 views
Last post: 01-12-2015 05:47am
Intense and constant itch on lips and under fingernails/toenails
Andy1971  165 views
Last post: 01-11-2015 19:34pm
Cholinergic Urticaria (heat Hives) No new posts
josh6552  216437 views
Last post: 01-09-2015 14:49pm
Sneezing related issues- can you forget how to sneeze?
TimothyJS  1483 views
Last post: 01-08-2015 04:17am
Heartburn Relief Needed-Dairy allergy & Gluten Intolerance
_carolinelou...  168 views
Last post: 01-03-2015 16:19pm
lump behind right ear after drinking alcohol
Mtyson0731  137 views
Last post: 12-29-2014 09:57am
Itchy Red, Raised Bumps/rash: Allergy Or Something Worse? No new posts
fit4eva  388067 views
Last post: 12-28-2014 18:42pm
My girlfriend has been getting really bad hives for years
MitchellD94  215 views
Last post: 12-24-2014 18:34pm
hives and chest pain but on a very strict diet, no problems.
lavona  288 views
Last post: 12-20-2014 16:32pm
allergy to tree nuts, Genital Anaphylaxis from soap w/ nuts?
brown805  236 views
Last post: 12-19-2014 22:25pm
antibiotic reaction still itchy 10 days after finished how long?
Jason828  213 views
Last post: 12-19-2014 15:17pm
Histamine Intolerance
alexbuck  462 views
Last post: 12-17-2014 04:41am
Does this sound like post nasal drip
Hyperchondrias  268 views
Last post: 12-15-2014 05:47am
natural remedy for urticaria?
lindi1312  253 views
Last post: 12-14-2014 06:35am
Sick and nothing is helping?
Kelsj  184 views
Last post: 12-04-2014 09:29am
Black Mold
ddcozy  5028 views
Last post: 11-29-2014 17:06pm
you know granite a lot of water retention
Owaissmians  158 views
Last post: 11-29-2014 02:45am
Swollen Salivary Gland After Eating Bacon and Sausage
ThomasW  312 views
Last post: 11-27-2014 13:48pm
can Junel fe 1/20 cause hair loss like Cryselle?
donbs  217 views
Last post: 11-26-2014 20:11pm
Removal of nasal concha, disadvantages?
Treadmill2013  245 views
Last post: 11-25-2014 05:03am
What can I do about this cough? I wind up vomiting.
MoniqueGraham1  270 views
Last post: 11-23-2014 06:26am
reaction to shots
beportable  295 views
Last post: 11-19-2014 05:38am
began xarelto - clear indications of an allergic rash
ishepherdu  328 views
Last post: 11-18-2014 03:32am

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