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Advice needed please re: Kidney problems.

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Hi all,

I recently went to my doctors after the 1st time in 3 years or so for a general medical/check-up as I'd been feeling tired a lot lately, where basically I'd sleep for 8 hours or so and if i'm awake for not even 3 hours 'sometimes' I feel tired again! So anyway I had all blood tests done and everything was fine i.e. blood sugar/iron/liver function etc were all fine but they tested me twice for my kidneys because they weren't happy with something, anyway both sets of tests came back negative I guess, and apparently my urine sample came back showing I had protein in my water.

So I went to the doctors yesterday Friday the 2nd of April and they told me I had a something level (not sure what they said now?) of 161 and that usually it would be between 64 and 104, maybe that will help someone (and me) know what they meant?

Anyway I've now got to go back to the doctors on Wednesday for more blood tests (apparently more specialised blood tests?) and also on the 17th of this month go to the hospital for an ultrasound scan.

What does all this mean? As I only went for a general check up!

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Oh and I'm 31 years old and Male if that info is needed?
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