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Abdominal Diagnoses Help

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Hey guys so I have a friend that has asked for my opinions. I asked some of my doctor friends to get their opinions and I thought I mine as well get the community's opinions. Diagnoses have ranged from stomach parasite to celiac disease (gluten allergy). She has been trying a 3 week gluten free diet with so far no affect, along with a dairy free diet as well with no affect. She has been diagnosed with a severe vitamin D deficiency (13%) of normal. Symptoms started 2 days after eating organic bacon. This was the families only food consumption change from the norm. Other family members also experienced the abdominal pain symptoms but symptoms passed within a week of the matter while her's are still presenting.

19y/o Female, Original weight 145LBS/130LBS after becoming sick.
Extreme stomach cramps/pains
Occasional bloating
Irregular stool (stool is almost like a gel - little yellow transparent globes)
Severe chest pain
Shortness of breath after climbing 3/4 steps
Physical weakness
Has feeling of puking but doesn't puke
Veins are more visible in breast, upper/lower extremities. More than normal.
HBP, higher than normal.

blood - negative x 7
urine - negative x3
stool - negative x 4
x-ray - negative x 3
ultrasound - negative x1
heart EKG - negative x2
heart echo - negative x1
heart holter monitor - negative x1
colonoscopy - negative x1
endoscopy - negative x1
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