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March 5th, 2012 by Paul Maher

Today I am sending out the fourth edition of the Health Journal Medical Monograph, this one on water fluoridation. Sorry that I am late with it.

The federal government entered into a contract with me to serve seven years in the commissioned corp of the public health service in return for my medical education. I served nine and 1/3 years. After leaving the public health service they have informed me that while a “ready reserve” is in existence, it was never funded. They therefore modified their contract to say that I needed to serve ten years in the public health service. Wonderful, I look forward to this, and in distinction to my previous service in the rare disease/orphan products end of the FDA I am pursuing a year of service in an underserved area and/or Indian reservation to complete this new obligation. This should occur shortly. When it does I am in an awkward situation.

I disagree with some of the advice given by Federal agencies concerning preventive care. However, I will be employed by said agency. To remedy this, while I am employed by the Feds this website will be much more sparse with little reference to me as the author. Possibly I will need to shut it down entirely. I will by all means attempt to continue with the medical monograph series that I realize I am already behind on. If a refund is needed please contact me. If you have subscribed and have not recieved the newsletter please let me know!

Once having completed the new contract stipulated by the goverment, I suspect I will have some new things to say about the government’s take on health matters. In the meantime, much or all of this website will come down. Back up what you’d like.

Kind Regards and to Your Health!!!

Paul Maher, MD MPH


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