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Stomach Sleepers Take Warning…!

October 21st, 2012 by Nav Gill
If you truly sleep on your stomach, youre flat on your belly with your neck cranked to one side or another. If you look at a baby, they can easily do this, mainly because they are still developing those neck muscles to hold their head up.
Stomach sleeping is not recommendedOf course we have learned that sleeping like this often can even be problematic for a baby, so they have them sleep on their backs. When we start to lose that neck elasticity (aka us older individuals) then we just cant comfortably sleep like this. However, if you get stuck in this habit, you may find yourself in this position when you wake up.
Getting a good nights sleep is extremely important and I can guarantee that if you are a true stomach sleeper you wont always get a good nights sleep. Not only may it often be harder to breathe, your neck is constantly in a strained position and can stiffen and spasm causing neck pain. If you are mainly on your side and partially on your belly you are fine, but if you are one of those true stomach sleepers be prepared to visit your chiropractor often.


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Many thanks for this information. I am a stomach sleeper and have neck pain, when I wake up in the morning. I get a good nights sleep when I sleep on my stomach. But knowing that it's not good for the health, I started trying to sleep on my back. Initially I found it very difficult to sleep on my back. But still, I can find my neck getting strained, in the morning. Should I change my pillow? Is there anything to worry about?
on 08-08-2016 01:22am by WSteffy
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