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Forgetful Me – A Dark Night For Me As a Blogger

April 12th, 2012 by lifeofthedifferentlyabled
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Candle Flames (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I almost missed writing this post, but that’s to the smart phone
gods who brought you this post tonight as I’d already shut down my
computer for the day.

Anyone who knows me in an academic sense, knows that when in college
especially I’d raise my hand and state I have a question before
stating my intended question I don’t have any idea as why I did this
especially given that a raised hand in that setting generally
indicates that one is unclear about something never the less, tonight
as I sat at my computer I tried to get inside the heads of all of you
reading this to try and figure out what types of content I should
continue to write and what I should ditch. I also tried to draw
conclusions about what keeps you returning day after day as it seems
my traffic is rapidly growing
Any light anyone could shed on this would be great
Just one further aside no stunning picture to go with this as I’m not
at my computer

Until tomorrow…

Ps so because I kept getting an error in sending this from my phone i had to turn my computer back on a pretty dark night for me as a blogger- I love the fail of technology sometimes

 Forgetful Me   A Dark Night For Me As a Blogger

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