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Recovery Day 56 - 11th February 2013

February 12th, 2013 by KjST
Woke up at 09:30, to try and eradicate my thick head swiftly I sat up in bed and sent my husband downstairs to get me a drink so I could take some painkillers. I waited in bed for a bit until I felt a bit more human then got up to face the day. 

My face was still quite puffy today, the swelling around my cheeks has defiantly increased over the last 2-3 days. The area on my chin is still hypersensitive and if touched is sending horrible sensations into my teeth, gums and face. These shocks are a really horrible sensation that take your breath away. trying to prevent the shocks I've altered the way I speak to minimise movement. Teeth brushing, face washing, moisturising and make up application is a nuisance, as is rubbing the chilli cream in. I can't actually feel my chin which is making this even more bizarre. I'm applying the chilli cream with a cotton bud to my chin only but somehow it manages to find its way to my lips, cheeks and eyes and burns hell out of them!! 

After getting washed and dressed and doing a few jobs I'd missed breakfast (ssshhhh dont tell mum!) so I made some sweet chilli baby pasta. After lunch it was time to head to the dental hospital. I enjoyed the drive to the hospital, and having a little chat with my husband. We were there in no time, but by the time we'd parked we only had 5 minutes spare. 

After about a 10 minute delay Nora presented in the waiting room and called me through. She's such a lovely caring lady, she asked me how I was and I told her about my meeting with Mr D last Thursday. I also told her about the post op side effects I'm experiencing and she seemed in agreement with Mr D that this can happen after jaw surgery and is unpleasant.

After our little catch up she got to work... First she removed the elastic bands I'd put on this morning and have worn and changed religiously for the last 4 weeks. Then she unravelled the wires that were wrapped round the brackets and removed the lower ball hooks and then removed the arch wire. At this point I asked if I could have a little rest as my jaw was up to its old tricks and aching. After a few seconds rest she was back to work fitting some more hooks to the bottom brace to hold some different elastic bands. While she was doing this my jaw gave way and i bit her finger.... cringe!! Nora then put some more elastic bands on the bewly fitted hooks in a triangle shape going from the upper to lower teeth. The left side had a triangle face upwards and the right a triangle facing downwards. I have to wear these elastics for 8 weeks changing them after teeth brushing and at least 2 times a day. 

At the end of the appointment Nora said 'AFTER THE NEXT FEW APPOINTMENTS WE'll BE ARRANGING TO HAVE YOUR BRACE REMOVED' OMG... Brace removed?? Like music to my ears!! I couldn't believe that comment, I can't imagine my life without my brace. Ive still got a good few months to go but there's light at the end of the long orthodontics tunnel. Id told myself that i wasn't going to ask Nora for a timescale to completion but when she mentioned the removal I was over the moon. When i'd finished with Nora I had to go and have an X-ray of my side profile. I managed a sneaky look at the X-ray, it's not very clear but you can see a difference in the jaw positions against the Pre surgery X-ray. 

After the hospital we had to go food shopping, I really couldn't be bothered, I was sore after having so much done in my mouth and I just wanted to get home. We managed to get round the supermarket in one piece, but I had to buy a drink so I could take some pain killers. 

It was so nice to finally get back home, I just wanted to go to bed but I needed to make tea first. I wasn't that hungry so I made stuffed potatoes. I baked potatoes in the oven, once soft I cut them in half and scooped out the flesh. I mashed the flesh with milk, butter, salt, pepper and a dessert spoons of chive Philadelphia. Into the mashed flesh I added dry fried bacon pieces, dry fried red onion and grated cheddar cheese. I then put the flesh back into the potato skins, topped with grated cheese and returned to the oven to crisp for 15 minutes. I made a side dish of roasted red peppers and tomatoes. They turned out really well, they were easy for me to eat, nice and light and very tasty. As a bonus there were some left for my lunch to. For dessert we had Cadburys Cream Egg ice cream, I've never had that before but it was delicious.

After tea I got my pjs on and chilled out with my boys. My teeth and jaw joint were really sore, another pain to add to the list that I could do without

I headed to bed at 10pm and was still awake at 2am, my jaw joint and teeth were being especially naughty and giving me a lot of grief. Just after 2am I got up, took some pain killers and a sleeping tablet, tossed and turned for another hour or so and eventually dropped off. 

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