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Wyoming Board of Pharmacy Response to Questions Posed By Steve Ariens (The Pharmacy Alliance)

June 13th, 2012 by Jim Plagakis

Mary K, Walker, R.Ph. Executive


Steve Ariens, P.D.

National Public Relations Director, The Pharmacy Alliance

The Wyoming State Board of Pharmacy met on March 20-21, 2012 and reviewed your letter of January 12, 2012. They discussed the various suggestions for medication safety in the workplace of a retail pharmacy.

The board appreciates the efforts of your group to enhance patient care by improving work conditions.

In 2011 revisions to the Rules and Regulations, Wyoming Pharmacy Act, were proposed and approved by the board after a public hearing. A new section requiring mandatory breaks if a pharmacist worked six hours or longer was approved after some heated discussion. The rules package was sent to Governor Matt Mead but that particular section was struck from his approval. He stated that the board did not have the authority to mandate such working conditions.

The Wyoming Pharmacy Association conducted a survey through their website and collected information about meal breaks and other concerns.


Mary K. Walker, R.P:h.

Governor Matt Mead

If you have any doubts about Mead’s political loyalties, go to You Tube and view his inaugural address. If you are an independent pharmacy owner in Wyoming and you voted for this guy, your vote was another nail in your coffin. Wyoming is the smallest state (population). The Board of Pharmacy did the right thing. They lived up to the mandate to protect the public and the governor killed their action with little examination. All he could see was that limiting pharmacists to 6 hours with no break could hurt the big companies. Too bad.

Mary’s letter indicates that the BOP was mightily pissed off. Otherwise, why bother? Jay Pee

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Here is the letter that was sent to 51 BOP's Jan , 2012.. this letter from the Idaho BOP.. is in response to this letter.

Dear Pharmacy Board:

We, at The Pharmacy Alliance, are concerned about the typical work environment of our colleagues and the patients that are being harmed because of errors resulting from such environments.

While we understand that most boards decline to address prescription volume and staffing man hours, we are concerned no board has addressed aribritary time pro
on 06-13-2012 15:06pm by Pharmaciststeve
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