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More on Rite-Aid’s Death Spiral

May 9th, 2011 by Jim Plagakis

The Scene Of The Crime

These are random sentences extracted from The Rebels of Comfort. Available at Lulu.com

Without at least the passive support of the pharmacists at store level, the executives become just another bunch of crackpots whose ideas very likely are lousy.

A monolithic, hierarchical model is the conception of power that those at the top like to perpetuate. However, this model of doing business depends on everyone following the same rules. But it will only works if both the rulers and the ruled believe in the same policies.

If some of the programs that come down from above are so ridiculous, why do we obey and bust our backs trying to make a failed policy work? Remember, without the support of the pharmacists in the stores, the most powerful dictator in the drug store industry becomes just another crackpot with ideas that are doomed to failure.

A source at Rite-Aid called and reported on Rite-Aids Special Networking Policy. This is new and the craziest idea yet from an executive suite that is in a death spiral

Pharmacists are asked to sign off on this policy. It is aimed at their use of Facebook and Twitter primarily, but could extend to their private e-mails.

Pharmacists are not allowed to discuss their jobs on any social media. This is obviously an attempt to stifle negative comments. If they say anything, they are required to post a disclaimer that they do not represent Rite-Aid. Twitter? One hundred characters?

They agree not to use pseudonyms. I fall down laughing. They are not allowed to call themselves Ass-Wipe RAD RPh.

They agree, as an RAD employee, not to use bad or adult language.

They agree not to disparage Wal-Mart, CVS, WAG, Kroger, Safeway or any other competitor.

Supervisors are not allowed to take action against bad boys and girls until they have talked with Human Resources.

This is all I have right now. My source promised to get me something on paper.

How about you Rite-Aiders weighing in.

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Some states prvent employers from taking adverse action against an employee for legal off-duty conduct that does not harm the company. The first amendment protects speech, further more protected status against discrimination prtoect political and religious speech. So if a Rite Aid employee wants to slam a political official or religious organization online and use offensive language to do so they are federally protecting! This policy is blatantly stupid and largely unenforceabel even in right to
on 05-13-2011 09:50am by ritevet
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