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This is The Question I Really Think ADHA Has To Address.

March 19th, 2017 by davidmore
The question, after 5 years of the myHR program is, given we are having a having a digital health reset with a new strategy what are the key strategic choices that should be decided on. In summary we need to be clear: 1. Would we decide to build and continue to build on what now exists as the myHR? or 2 Would we face up to reality and use more modern technologies to create a more sensibly architected  and designed solution with a clearer agreed purpose? or 3. Would we accept that the cost and value vs. benefit of national EHR system simply is not there and work to develop much better local / regional solutions? With the Internet and the cloud national systems may just be unnecessary? To address these it seems to me the first question to be addressed is just what is the purpose of the myHR? 1. Is it to facilitate access to critical clinical information when the patient is away from their usual doctor? or 2. Is it to improve the coordination of care for patients...

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