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There Has Been A Fair Bit On Artificial Intelligence Come Out This Week. Things Seem To Be Moving!

August 10th, 2017 by davidmore
First we had this:Artificial intelligence: augmenting or replacing doctors?Authored by Jane McCredieIssue 29 / 31 July 2017 ARTIFICIAL intelligence [AI] could put doctors and lawyers OUT of a job in FIVE YEARS time, trumpeted a headline in Britains Express earlier this year.Could it be true?Theres no doubt technology is radically changing the nature of work across most areas of human endeavour.One of the many challenges confronting us as a society is the question of how to distribute meaningful employment, and the wealth associated with it, in a world where we just wont need as much human labour as we used to.We often assume that the jobs that will be lost will be mostly unskilled, but perhaps were kidding ourselves.As machines become more intelligent, able not just to follow the rules weve given them but to continually improve their performance by learning from mistakes, they will inevitably expand their reach into new areas.Intelligent systems are being developed that may...

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