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The DoH Really Must Be Desperate To Have GPs Use A System Of Unproven Value.

May 16th, 2017 by davidmore
This appeared a little while ago.RACGP chief defends budget pact with govtGeir O'Rourke | 16 May, 2017 |  The RACGP is denying bungling the numbers as it defends its controversial budget pact with the Federal Government.Under the compact, unveiled on the night of the budget, the RACGP gives the government the green light to wait until July 2018 to lift the freeze on Medicare rebates for GP consultations.Under the deal, the rebates will rise based on an old indexation formula.However, the formula, which will lift a level B consult by around 55 cents, has long been criticised by doctor groups for being below the actual rate of CPI (see box below).Despite this, RACGP president Dr Bastian Seidel has defended the agreement, describing it as a major win and arguing that it represents an ongoing guarantee of the same funding each year in real terms.While this [guarantee] may seem like a step back to where we were before the big freeze, its a clear win for over 85% of Australians...

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