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Just Why Would You Actually Want Something Like This? I Really Can’t Figure It Out.

April 13th, 2012 by davidmore
This slide is being used by NEHTA in some of their more recent presentations. ----- Begin Slide The PCEHR system is: opt in is not: compulsory is: an enhancement to medical treatment is not: a requirement for medical treatment is: a source of selected clinical data and documents is not: a substitute for normal clinical records is: a source of information to assist enquiry is not: a replacement for normal sharing of information between an individual and their healthcare provider is: aligned with current privacy obligations is not: immune to current sharing and reporting rights and obligations of providers is: a distributed system of service providers working together is not: a single government store of personal information ----- End Slide What on earth is going on here? We are paying a billion dollars for a system which does not actually assist providers as far as anyone knows, is incomplete, no one has to use and so it goes on. Why is...

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