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Australian Doctor Reveals The Five Major Health Policy Failures Of The Last Few Years.

September 12th, 2017 by davidmore
After careful consideration Australian Doctor has called out the five programs they feel have been the worst as far a waste of money and failure to make a positive differnenceAt No 5 we have one of our favourites.Worst health policy No. 5 - My Health Record4 September, 2017 Antony Scholefield  One of the tougher questions to ask yourself is the name of the one big Federal Government health reform of the past 20 years that has actually worked.Weve had a string of taskforces, special commissions and expert advisory groups, whose seemingly endless consultations were going to draft the government blueprint to fix things.Yet look at the results and you see little more than the expensive wreckage of botched ideas and failed promises.This week Australian Doctor offers its countdown of the standout failures, which act as a reminder of why politicians are never paid for performance.We start with number five, the digital health disaster currently going by the name of the My Health...

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